Have Your Say fuckwittery parte deux. By Iain Anderson


I suspect my use of French would trigger the shit out of the denizens of Have Your Say, causing them all to seize and cry out "Adge in Court" through clenched dentures, were it not for the fact that most of them can't read or write, and instead dictate their insane backward ramblings to their increasingly harassed foreign-national care workers.

This batch of advertisements against fetal alcohol syndrome come courtesy of the BBC article "MPs to debate Donald Trump state visit petition".

This should come as good news to the noble defenders of sovereignty and democracy, surely? I hear you cry. There's no way proponents of the 'will o' da people™' would gainsay a democratic debate based on an almost 2 million signatory petition. Well dear, fictitiously naive reader, you're in for quite a surprise.

TheWalrus999 has the following to say:

"Why are we even debating this?

He did, after being democratically elected by tens of millions of Americans, exactly what he said he would do before the election."

Well my blubbery friend, it's because being democratically elected doesn't make one immune from criticism or censure from the UK government for infantile, hateful policies, particularly such policies that harm UK citizens. Doing exactly what you promised, when what you promised is shitty and contrary to Western values is not something to reward with state visits, but something to criticise and punish. Plus I, and millions of other people in this country, don't want that authoritarian oompa loompa being honoured by our government because he is a terrible joke.

Rashkalnikov apparent agrees with you "The majority of people will welcome President Trump, it's just the same irrelevant, hypocritical, minority who have nothing better to do but stand on the streets waving silly placards and chanting nonsense who can't accept democracy, who yet again will embarrass us"

Yes mate, it's the people who don't want the Twitter-trolling tangerine tyrant to be celebrated who are the embarrassing ones, not the supporters of someone who would gold plate his dick if he could find it, and use it to shag his own daughter. It's also probably not wise to criticise people for "having nothing better to do" that exercise their democratic rights when they're leaving the house and interacting with other people and you're sat at home in your soiled underpants, ranting about them on a news website.

I tell you what, why don't you start your own petition for the silent majority of non-embarassing thalidomide babies to support.

Well, well, well, what's this? Cornish Trebs seems to be way ahead of you:

"Balance it up a bit!!;


Well Cornish – Christ I feel like I'm in a low rent Snatch rip-off – I'm not sure <200,000 quite balances out almost 2,000,000. You're off by a factor of more than ten there mate. Then again maths isn't exactly these guy's strong suit either, when 52% of 70% of of the population of the UK becomes an overwhelming mandate to become a racist, dystopian 51st State of America. You guys really need to work on your understanding of majority vs minority.

MisterSteve ups the ante with a mind-jarring lack of self-awareness:

"Why do MPs need to debate a petition with only one million signatures? Has everyone forgotten there are 64 million people in this country. As usual the vocal minority waste everyone's time, stomping up and down because they didn't get their own way. Therefore 63 million people DID NOT SIGN THIS PETITION."

Jesus, Steve, I hope you have a carer to hand, because the level of cognitive dissonance you must be experiencing is likely to give a you a fatal cluster headache. I'll bite and spell it out for you here: because that's the point of the government petition site.

By the by, how's stomping up and down at the supposed lack of progress on Brexit going? From what I can gather, you and the rest of the vocal minority have had a busy time of it at late, telling the majority of people that DID NOT VOTE TO LEAVE THE EU to shut up. That must be very exhausting for you.

n0 thanks nic0la its still N0 chimes in:

"America is a friend and an ally.

People are using this as an opportunity to undermine Theresa May and thus undermine Brexit.

Of course Trump should be welcomed for a state visit.

We're going to need all the friends we can get."

Donald Trump sure as hell isn't a friend or ally I want; he's a bigoted, egotistical buffoon. That's why people don't want him honoured here. The undermining Theresa and Brexit bit is just an added bonus. Of course Theresa wouldn't have to go around holding hands with the Day-Glo dictator if some people here hadn't stamped their feet and decided to abandon our closer, more important friends across the channel.

Also, buy a keyboard with a working "o" key, or has Brexit priced your out of the market

I'll end on a lighter note, to show that not all Have Your Say-ers are completely unable to tie their own shoelaces.

Henry VIII points out:

"It's not looking pretty for Britain.

Post-war American policy was to encourage Europe to be independent.

We now seem to be going back to our wealthy transatlantic cousins with our begging bowl, just as they become divided by extremism.

So much for brexit !"

You know things are fucked when you find yourself thinking, "I agree with Henry VIII."

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