Hate crime is still happening and we all know why


We had a chat tonight with the makers of a film about the hate crime perpetrated on disabled people in the UK . Surely this isn’t still happening we hear you ask ? Yes ! It is ! and it’s spreading to other disadvantaged people in our society. The propaganda induced hate, reminiscent of a past era that we all believed was banished and could never be repeated IS happening in Tory Britain .


We all regularly hear about homeless people having their meagre possessions being removed or set alight, of people with mental health issues being forced out of accommodation when they fail the dwp obstacle courses, people being brutally attacked for being ‘different’ .. So many other things that we don’t at first glance realise ARE hate crimes because they’re inflicted by our very own neighbours and fellow citizens working in government departments, that doesn’t mean they’re not hate crimes 🤬

The film is called Lost dog, in an attempt to get it past the censorship of the mainstream media and/or other interested parties that didn’t and still don’t want you to see it.


Made by Keeps on burning Films https://m.facebook.com/  

the film tells the story of what happens to friends with disabilities in our society. It’s full of truth, little hope and despair and is an accurate representation of what disabled people face every day, verified by the people who have been attacked and suffered these degradations at the hands of their fellow wo/man.

We urge you all to watch the film and to follow Keeps on burning  https://m.facebook.com/keepsonburningfilms/  on Facebook and get in touch with Andy or Shona to set up viewings at your CLP or other local venue.


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