First Among Equals – By Helen Rosemary Clark

Wonder if Mrs May still retains any of the Latin she must have learned at her ‘good girls’ grammar school’ ( although it can’t have been that good, seeing as she was removed to a private convent for the sixth form).
Well, I learned Latin also at my ‘good mixed sex grammar school’ and perhaps the Seal’s Latin ( being a geographer) is rather more rusty than mine. The delight of Latin is how intrinsic it is to English. Take the phrase ‘Prime Minister ‘ for example. In Latin that would be ‘prima inter pares’ and that translates as ‘first among equals. Mrs May does not get this. All that gallivanting with Donald Trump has loosened her grip on our unwritten constitution. We do not run a presidential form of government in the UK. We have Cabinet government with the PM being ‘first among equals.’ But the Seal is charging around the country saying ‘Vote for ME.’ The only group of people who can actually vote for her are the good people of Maidenhead ( and I am hoping that they will have second thoughts). Otherwise, elsewhere, people will be voting for REPRESENTATIVES of political parties; the name of Theresa May will be on only one set of ballot papers; those appertaining to Maidenhead.
The failure to grasp this is clearly what we get when a geographer is installed in Number 10. Back to Ordnance survey Mrs May – and navigate yourself as far away from the levers of power in this country as possible. What about another plane tri[p to see the Donald? An
And make that a ONE WAY ticket!
#VoteLabour #ToriesOut #JC4PM #MakeJuneTheEndOfMay

#UnityMarchUK #UnityMarchNews

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