JUSTICE : Editorial


Has anyone else noticed how the entire justice system has slid around to “presumed guilty until or unless you can prove you’re innocent” ?

There’s no help .. no support .. no defence. Unless you have money , lots of it .

People accused of crimes now have to defend themselves and many are pleading guilty because they can’t afford a defence and/or believe themselves to be unable to argue their case alone .

You may say that’s ok ? They deserve it . “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” ?
Until it’s you or a member of your family falsely accused .. then you will discover how deep the shit you’re in actually is ..

Prosecutors are complaining openly about having to help the accused to mount their defence .
Untrained in any aspect of the law , people are having to stand up against the full force of the “system” alone ..

It’s not only the justice system , the benefits system is now running the same way .

Don’t do anything that will endanger your job ! Even if it’s speaking up about dangerous risks you or your colleagues are taking in the name of “the firm”
Don’t fall ill !
And definitely don’t develop a mental illness !

Because if you lose your job for any reason , you meet the benefits system !
No welcome here ! No support , no help .. presumed guilty of malingering until or unless you can prove yourself innocent !

Subjected to repeated humiliating assessments by people trained especially to be nasty and if they want to keep their job they will not fail in that nastiness . They will treat you like dirt , they will drive you to harm or suicide .

Once again , you may say , that’s ok , they deserve to beg for help , it’s their fault they lost their job , it’s their fault they fell ill . Until it’s you or a member of your family that decides death is fast becoming their only option .. you think I’m exaggerating ? Google the list of people dead because of benefit sanctions ..

And while you’re feeling self righteous in your condemnation of these people who are probably “benefit street” malingerers or criminals abusing the system … definitely not anyone you know ? take a moment to consider your own perspective ? Because it’s simply that no one you know has fallen foul of the system yet , you have already been brainwashed and conditioned to presume guilt as well ..

Think about it ..

Given a choice between being nice or nasty which would you choose ? You chose nice , right ? So why would you , with no compunction , judge others with malice ? Much less actively support that nastiness in work and society ..







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