Corbyn Challenges May – PMQs

Corbyn Vs May – Round Fifteen

PMQs began today with what seemed a Conservative plant in the form of Charlie Elphicke MP for Dover. Whom stood and reeled off the supposed successes of the Government since 2010. Of course, Theresa agreed with everything he said and repeated the false statistics and soundbites for good measure.

After that little show of fake confidence and fake achievments, Jeremy Corbyn stood at the dispatch box.

In what could possibly be Theresa May’s or even the Conservative’s last time in power at the dispatch box, Jeremy Corbyn went in locked and loaded. Posing a variety of questions, which highlight the abject failure of Theresa May’s shoddy and divisive policies not only as PM but as Home Secretary and the effects that Government policy has had on the people of the country since 2010.

There was a desperate show of whataboutery from the Prime Minister today as she opted to holler about what a threat or failure Jeremy Corbyn would be if he was in power. At no point did she accept her failures or concede that she and her party must start listening to people outside their own bubble in order to rectify the shambolic mess they have created in everything they have touched.

Jeremy asked questions relating to the mess made of the Brexit deal, referring to the PM’s red lines on the customs union and to clarify that no deal is not on the table. Theresa May refused to answer. She merely rattled off the same scripted soundbites of delivering on the referendum result that she has been rattling out for many months now. The PM also advised that there are only two options to avoid a no deal, either vote for a deal or no Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn then tackled growing in-work poverty, an increasing number of children living in poverty among other social failures. Instead of answering to these proven statistics and failures, Theresa May rattled off her own statistics, which have been proven time and time again to be false. Jeremy Corbyn even raised the fact that the Governments own statistics watchdog has asked them to stop using these fake statistics and made up sound bites.

Jeremy Corbyn battled on regarding poverty and social cuts mentioning once again the important report on poverty in the UK by the United Nations special Rappertour, Philip Alston.The Conservative benches, boo’d, mocked and laughed at the leader of the opposition and by extension all those that suffer under the severe cuts to the social system, which sees our society being poisoned at the roots.

He tackled the subject of severe cuts to our education system and instead of an answer Theresa May once again rattled off false statistics and soundbites, following up with attacks on the opposition.

Following yet another show of the Prime Ministers absolute disregard for facts and figures, Corbyn followed up with the devastating cuts to police and its effects.

Once again, Theresa May rattled off insults at the Labour bench, rather then taking any responsibility for her own actions,she blames everyone else but herself and even had the audacity to mention the Offensive Weapons Bill as her own achievment when it has been that twice the vote on the bill has been withdrawn due to a split in her cabinets views on the bill.

Jeremy Corbyn ended on a high as he reeled off a number of Labours own achivements and then listed as many failures as he could in a short time by this Government.

The response was again not to answer but rebutted with attacks on the opposition, accusing Jeremy Corbyn of letting anti-semitism run rife within the Labour party,that he would abandon our allies if he were to be in power and that “we will never let that happen”.

The conclusion: Jeremy Corbyn stood at the dispatch box to represent the people of the UK, asking the questions that they want the answer to. Once again, the Prime Minister mocked the people of the country by denying any wrong doing, mocking, and laughing at the struggles of the population.

Peter Stefanovic makes a great breakdown of the absolute denial and use of fake statistics, misleading the house and the public below.

Jeremy asked the following questions;

On Brexit:

Would she back down on her red lines on the customs union?

“Last night the Business Secretary told business leaders on a conference call that ‘we can’t have no deal’ can the Prime Minister now reassure businesses and the country and confirm that it is indeed the Government position that ‘we can’t have no deal’?”

On Education: “What her greatest failure is on education? Education funding cut by £7 billion? Per pupil funding falling by 8% in schools? Sixth form funding cut by a fifth? Or adult skills budget slashed by 45%?

On Police:

“When police officers told the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, not to make more cuts to police she accused them of ‘crying wolf’. With 21,000 fewer police officers and rising crime, does the Prime Minister accept the then Home Secretary got it wrong?




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