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Bit Of Truth

WHAT YOU WON'T HEAR ON THE NEWS TODAY … the news behind the news. The boss of Britain's biggest union UNITE is, personally, leading negotiations with Ford about the future of the jobs of around 1900 workers at the giant Bridgend car plant. Oh, you'll hear that Len McCluskey is at the plant today (Friday) alright. But what you won't get is the REAL STORY. So let's share it! Mr. McCluskey did more than anyone to back the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn. He threw money, organisation, and thousands of UNITE members in to the-battle-to-beat-the-blairites and their candidate Owen Smith. One problem … NOT ONE UNITE BANNER was waving for Jeremy Corbyn in Wales, throughout the leadership campaign! Why so? I hear you ask.

Well … here lies a sorry tale of political intrigue and duplicity. The top man in Wales for UNITE is Andy Richards. Mr. Richards is also the most senior union figure at the top of Wales Labour. LIKE THE so-called LEADERS OF WELSH LABOUR, the leader of UNITE IN WALES Andy Richards stayed completely silent. Not one word of support was uttered by either Mr. Richards or Welsh Labour first secretary Carwyn Jones during the leadership campaign!

WHY THIS MATTERS …. Because the vast majority of UNITE union MEMBERS in Wales support Jeremy Corbyn! Because the vast majority of LABOUR Party MEMBERS in Wales support Jeremy Corbyn! And yet those members of UNITE and the Labour Party were corralled in to silence!
The Welsh Labour HQ staff  are ANTI-Corbyn, intervened directly to distort the democratic rights of Labour constituency labour party MEMBERS, and, again, uttered not one word in support of the Labour Leader.

I have disclosed how Welsh Labour HQ instructed clps NOT to accept a pro-Corbyn vote by Welsh Labour clps and will find that Nye Bevan's historic Blaenau Gwent clp was disgracefully stitched up. It's 250 clp MEMBERS overwhelmingly voted FOR Jeremy Corbyn. BUT their democratic voices were silenced and trampled-on when a disgraceful-clique of just 26 carefully-selected people conducted their own secret ballot to give the loser Owen Smith the area's backing! That was a TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRACY, using a tactic normally adopted by right-wing dictatorships.

The MEMBERS of Nye Bevan's clp will meet a week tomorrow (15th). Will they THEY BUCKLE AND CRACK again, under the anti-democratic dictatorship of Welsh Labour and Welsh UNITE union 'leaders'? We shall see!

What about the other Welsh Labour clps (massively in favour of Mr. Corbyn) who had THEIR voices silenced, and their votes stolen? And what about the vast majority of UNITE members in Wales who had their right to publicly support Mr. Corbyn silenced?

STAND BACK FOR A MOMENT …. and take a long hard look at this issue. It goes right to the very heart of the rights, votes, and voices of every Labour Party MEMBER and every Labour clp. For those of you reading this across Britain (100s in groups etc) please ask yourselves DID THIS AFFRONT TO DEMOCRACY HAPPEN IN YOUR CONSTITUENCY?

Let's finish by returning to the Ford Plant in Bridgend. Normally it is Andy Richards who does the negotiating there!

Knowing Len McCluskey as I do … a reckoning is coming. Are you going to strengthen his hand … or just hide … while YOUR rights continue to be taken away?!!

By Paul Starling


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