Are you a socialist ?


Are you a socialist ? We need to make sure that whatever position in life you occupy, that you're valued , supported and able to contribute whatever talents and skills you have, then no one would need to hold a position of hierarchy over anyone else. All equally important for a beautiful and rounded life for everyone. This may sound to some bitter arbitrary argumentative souls to be a statement from a dippy hippy but just think about it …No matter whether you clean toilets or run the country you are of equal value.

Without the person running the country the person cleaning the toilet would be subjected to poor wages, penury and low self esteem. Without the person cleaning the toilets, the person running the country would have to clean them or be subject to unsanitary toilet facilities and eventually disease such as cholera .

STOP and think for one moment who you depend on each and every day to make your life palatable? Not just the ones you might notice such as family and friends but all those people that run the travel networks, the schools, the hospitals etc etc Where would a doctor be without their receptionist? Where would a surgeon be without their porter? Please apply this to your everyday thinking (if you don't already?) And you may find … you're a socialist too.

– Lizzie




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