Politicians have no power unto themselves. None. Party officials have no power unto themselves, other than those you give them, or allow them. None. This is a simple truth that has been forgotten. A simple truth which has been stolen.

The theft of this simple truth has brought the Labour Party to the point of destruction. By seeing and taking back this truth the Labour Party and the suffering people of this country can be saved.

Too much energy, far too much energy, is being spent 'fighting this cause', 'marching for that', 'organising against', 'challenging' and so on. There is ONE cause .. one over-riding cause that should take all of our iron-willed energy and that is …. recognising this simple, central truth and acting upon it. (All of these other issues can then be tackled).

I've given other ideas (Paul Starling Facebook) of how to take back the power. I'm about to outline some more. Before I do that I wish to state in the clearest possible way why THE POWER IS YOURS.

The Labour Party was set up by people who were living and experiencing indescribable suffering. The Labour Party was created to be the voice and hammer of those millions starving and suffering belching industrial mills, pitch-black pits, child deaths, ravaging disease, filth, rats, and the growing number of voracious vermin who were eating their lives alive while profiting from their crushingly hard labour.

This is not some dewy-eyed stroll down nostalgia lane. The conditions in the tight, back lanes, and over-crammed hovels, was the stuff of nightmares not dreams. The men chosen to fight these conditions and to represent the people suffering and dying from the greed which created these conditions were chosen carefully to ensure these things … that they came out of the crushed communities so they would never forget, be seduced, bought .. and they would be rock-hard and unbending in fighting for the people they were chosen to represent.

The Conservative Party was created first to protect landowners then to protect the interests of the new mill, pit, factory owners. They wanted then to 'conserve' the greedy, grabbing, tiny minority who profited of the sweat and suffering of the masses. And that is what they are 'conserving' (doing) now. No mystery .. the Tories were, are, and always will be the protectors of profiteers. Tories don't have to be bright just selfish, ruthless, and deliberately blind to the suffering their greed produces.

The Liberal Party was set up by one-eyed, limp-tie'd, fopps, who thought too much of themselves to turn a complete blind eye, but who "couldn't possibly live there, darling, it wouldn't hold its value and anyway we might catch something like … err … erm … one of their accents". Pressed hard they are Tories at heart. And that is why they have now been eaten alive by that rapacious ruthless Party of greed they foolishly imposed on the rest of us.

The Labour Party is your Party. It is the Party of the People, for the People, owned by the people …. and must now be seized back by the people. For the Labour Party is the only Party which can put the people first.


Neil Kinnock stitched the swag-bag, and the sad, stupid, selfish generation of me-first-greed he let loose have stuffed their faces and that bag with all the swag they can lay their hands on. Few are more wicked than the wilfully blind. Kinnock begat Mandelson and Blair, who begat a swarm of unspeakable flies who have been getting fat off the dung-heap of greed before infecting, undermining, and bringing to its knees the body of a once great Party of the People.

Oh, I know good-ol Neil. Lashing out in defeated, neurotic rage in 1992 he created a monster. Too dull to know what he was doing he imposed 'central controls' in the early 1990s which stole all the power and rights of the people who own the Party (one example of thousands .. no more mandatory re-selection of MPs .. giving them a job for life). I've written a lot more about this, and the lengths he is still prepared to go to to keep his progeny in power .. in other posts below this one.

One thing I feel bound to say. In his daft day-dreams, Neil Kinnock (just because he was born over the hill from him) likes to see himself as is 'hero' .. another Nye. Poor old, self-deluded Neil might just well have been born in stockbroker-Surbiton. He is no Nye Bevan. Nye Bevan would never have walked away from the miners in 1984-85 allowing Thatcherism and her rapacious neo-capitalist ideas to condemn millions to poverty and crushed lives. No Neil, you are no Nye Bevan. And neither is your 'chosen-one' Owen Smith. You may both be from 'the valleys' ….. but there is no resemblance. To suggest it is one of the many sick jokes you have imposed on a Party and people you have undermined, and thrown to the Tory vultures.

Poor old Neil, like all damaged over-anxious grabby adult-children, will not let go of his neurotic need for security. He might, if Glenys let him. She won't. So the best thing is to take the toys off them. (Don't worry, their own swag-bag is stuffed with millions from the public purse. They'll be okay).


The Labour Party is not a business there to reward those 'at the top'. It is a political collective set up protect those 'at the bottom'. The Labour Party is owned by its members. It is the members who pay the wages of the Party's despicable and dictatorial general secretary Iain McNicol. It is the members who get every MP elected with their hard work.

BUT. It is a sign of how sick the Party has become that Kinnock (elected by no one), McNicol (elected by no one), the 172-revolting MPs (protected against being de-selected by the central-control freaks) can now dictate, purge, suspend, demoralise tens of thousands of members for exercising their democratic rights.

The Labour Party under Kinnock and blairism has been turned in to the sort of mill or pit owner 'business' it was set up to fight against! That is how rotten it has become. The 'owners' (Kinnock, Blair etc) have grown fat and filthy-rich, they have rewarded their loyal-yesmen/women MP 'line-managers' with 'status', large houses, loads of money, bloated-egos, and they have let loose the rottweiler HQ staff to keep 'the workers' corralled, quiet, and cowed. Can you not see that they have turned a once-great idea and political Party … in to their own personal plaything.
This is and sick, despicable joke. And it must stop!


Constituency Labour Parties across Britain are in process of being seized back by their members. A growing number of them are in process of considering votes of no confidence in the despicable purger Iain McNichol. They want him sacked. The latest is Garston and Halewood the clp in Angela Eagle's constituency. Remember her. She triggered the coup against Jeremy Corbyn's leadership (plunging Labour into months of crisis, splits and division). The same Angela Eagle who allowed the media to run with the lie that her constituency office had been attacked. The media implication was that Corbyn and his supporters were responsible. (The police, this week, officially killed the lie. There was never any attack on her office). The same Angela Eagle who used her sexality to claim she was subjected to attacks to her face about being a lesbian at a meeting … she never attended!

Garston and Halewood fiercely debated the suggestion that it was 'time to move on'. The overwhelming majority said NO, the reason .. the same rotten people would still be in positions of influence to carry on spreading the disease of blairism.

I have written many times that the cancer of blairism must be completely cut out of the Party, and that that must be done by the members in order to make everyone accountable. Everyone .. from leader to office typist. And all that to put the power back into the hands of the members .. which is why the Labour Party was created. If that requires votes of no confidence in clp officers, MPs, officials at local, regional, and national level … SO BE IT! If they won't move .. name and shame them. Draw up a list of their names and circulate it to everyone via notes through letterboxes, email, social media, local media …. with the message 'we, the majority, have no confidence in these people'. Bombard every level of the Party. Threaten to refuse to knock doors, stomp streets, distribute posters at election time. Threaten to hold alternative meetings. YOU HOLD THE REAL POWER …. USE IT. CALL THEIR BLUFF.

Believe me, people like McNicol, Kinnock, Blair, Mandelson … are weak. I repeat … they are weak. Confront these people. See them for what they are. Force these small bullies to leave the playground. No power = no influence. I am going to evoke two things now to strengthen your collective will.

The first is the utterly shameful case of Edith Hughes. Edith felt she had no choice but to resign her membership of the Labour Party this week. She is heartbroken. Edith has been a member for 33 years. She has spent most of that time serving her community as a town, and then county councillor. She is deeply respected by the people of that community. Forced by the despicable-blairites, Edith has been given no choice but to become an 'independent'. How do you think the people of her area will vote from now on. NO ACTION …. IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!

The second thing I am determined to evoke is this. The Labour Party was created to serve and save people. It was a life or death thing. It was created and supported by people of iron-will. When your back is against the wall, when children are starving all around you, when people are sleeping in rags in the gutters, when the 'owners' are thieving everything and looking down their noses while they do it …. then it is time to act.

It is time to shape an iron-fist again and shake it so hard against the face of self-serving fools and chancers who have tried to run off with the only possible alternative to greedy money-grabbers, and their 'Party' set up to protect the unspeakable pillagers and plunderers.


((You can read more about Edith in my next post )).

Labour Party started with the iron-hard intention of

Garston and Halewood…. still in place.. can do it again Iain McNicol

Paul Starling


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