A Letter From an Angry Voter



    To the UK Government and all Members of Parliament

    The moment of reckoning for your abuse of power, sniggering and archaic methods of running our country are around the corner.

    You fools are employed by the people of the UK to do what we tell you to do but you seem to forget who you work for.

    The average annual wage for an MP is £80k plus expenses. You have failed to do your jobs and have decided amongst your elitist ranks to issue pay rises. Whilst, continuing with your £30 per day for meals, travel, second homes you own in the city and even paper clips expenses?

    The standard working family is earning the same they did ten years ago and businesses across the UK are delaying decisions, concerned with your incabability of delivering on our instruction.

    Times are changing, today is the first time in the history of mankind that the poor, working class, peasants have access to so much information, tomorrow we will have more!

    We now know how the fiat currency system works, how the manipulation of business investors sways votes for corporate gain and that you people are groomed into your roles at school and University, from Eton, Oxford and Cambridge. Taught how to avoid tax and mis-inform the public into believing its the dossers, immigrants and scroungers that cost the country money. Even Mr. Cameron’s family was exposed for hiding money and dodging tax in the panama papers.

    People will not be in power forever, maybe now would be the moment to think about what you have done? Your betrayal and treason to the people that placed you in that seat.

    On the day people stand up, realise what you have been doing and we look back at this time in history as the great misleading of the masses, what will you do? What will your conscience say and where will you hide?


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