Work starts on UK-funded £2m ‘Great Wall of Calais’ to keep migrants out


From Gregory Dance


All my 57 years I have seen great walls as artefacts of past failures of humanity. The Chinese walls of ancient and more recent history, and the Berlin Wall were built at great cost to keep peoples from attackers or to keep them from freedom.

Walls of castles of old were also built to keep aggressors out or criminals in jails. But in my view I have never heard of walls to keep the dispossessed and downtrodden away from sanctuary!

This is a new Dark Age made more so by the fact that it is one of intentional ignorance, psychopathy and a disconnect from the causes of the exodus belonging to the wall builders themselves.

So as the USA, Israel and now the UK all excuse themselves for building thes, we return to a past time when human masses are controlled as cattle and valued no greater.


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