#ToryElectionFraud Update – By Ed Clarke


#ToryElectionFraud Update

Firstly what do we know.

We know that nearly 12 months ago, evidence was unearthed by both Channel 4 news and The Daily Mirror, that alleged as part of the 2015 General Election, that local election spending limits which are regulated by the electoral commission to ensure a level playing field between party candidates, were breached.

The allegations surrounded the allocation of spending returns on whether they should appear on national returns or local returns.

During the the campaign period for the General Election, the Conservative Party, utilised a battlebus campaign to target specific seats across the country where majorities were slim, some in the hundreds. The allegations are that the accommodation and food costs for the activists and the cost of the bus itself should have appeared on the local spending returns. Instead they appeared as national expenditure. Conservative Party HQ argue this was because the Battlebus was a national campaign as opposed to local campaigning.

In all of the seats targeted had the costs of the bus and the accommodation and food costs for activists been attributed to the local expenditure, it would have pushed all the local spending returns beyond the £15000 limit. Breaching the Representation of The People Act 1983.

The punishments for breaching this law are a one year prison term, an unlimited fine and a bar on holding public office for 5 years .

If these allegations are proven, it brings into question the legality the election results for 26 constituencies which were won by Tory candidates in 2015, ergo it means the 26 seats were illegally obtained. Now with the majority in the house standing at only 13 seats. This has very large implications for the Conservative Party.

In basic terms it means that the election result has been fraudulently obtained, and further questions have to be asked, as to whether these decisions were made at the top of the party.

What we now know.

Tonight as part of the Channel 4 investigation new information has come to light that directly contradicts the official statement of “This was national spending”.

A couple from Shropshire, known as The Kinsells, who were Tory activists during the 2015 General Election campaign that took part in the Battlebus tour around the West Country.

They have stated, that the campaigns were not national as indicated by Conservative Party HQ, and were indeed local. Whilst on the bus travelling between constituencies they were briefed on the local candidates and the local issues that the potential voters were concerned about. They stated,

“It is betrayal, we feel we have been unwittingly duped. We have engaged in their cheating”

“They lied, we were not going around spreading the message of central government, this was, this is what this MP will do for you”

“We were their hit squad in the local campaigns”

The couple are also alleging that the the Tories are also attempting to cover up the evidence of these local election campaigns.

“They forgot about us, strangely all the photos, and these are committed activists, the photos all seem to have been deleted, but they forgot about us”

The couple are no longer members of the Conservative Party, they left after they felt they had been betrayed by David Cameron.

The couple, have today approached Devon and Cornwall police and will be interviewed on Tuesday next week.

They have also approached the Electoral Commission to give evidence.

It is also now known that the Electoral Commission, the regulators of electoral law, are due to present the report into their findings as early as next week.

It is also now known that Kent Police have handed their evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.

It is also believed that the other investigating Police forces are now also in a position where they are also presenting their evidence to the CPS.

If these allegations are proven and convictions are secured not only will you see the likely imprisonment of 26 sitting MPs, we are also likely to see new investigations as to where the orders for this campaign came from, in essence was Battlebus campaign engineered from top.

If the allegations are true this will be the biggest scandal ever to hit British Politics and could likely topple the Tories from Government.

Whistleblowers stating on national television, that they are shamed to be apart of the the scandal that has the the potential to blow the Conservative Party and House of Commons wide open.

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