Time For Tom To Go! By Ed Clarke


Whilst the mainstream media focus on Tom Watson making a story out of non news, and the alleged plot between Momentum and Unite the union to stage a hard left takeover of The Labour Party. We like to focus on news that matters.

So here is Labour’s deputy leader and Shadow secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, admitting on national television to Robert Peston that he accepted a £500,000 donation from a known fascist Max Mosley. Mr Mosley is also a multi million pound donator to a company known as Impress, a company that wishes to be the independent press regulator.

Tom Watson, said the donation has enabled Labour to shape policy. We however have read in previous interviews, that Mr Watson has also previously accepted £324,000 from Mr Mosley, and that this money never went direct to the party but to Mr Watson.

One has to ask in this situation is Mr Mosley buying influence at the top of the party, and does Mr Watson have a conflict of interest in his business dealings with Max Mosley given his role as shadow secretary for media. Is there also a direct contradiction between Labour Party values and association with a fascist for Mr Watson.

Should the Labour Party compliance unit be investigating this?

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