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The UK mainstream media is an incredibly influential part of our lives. Starting with the old fashioned printed newspapers, and now online and on social media, we have the news at our fingertips whenever we want it.

Journalists are humans though aren’t they? So they’ll have an opinion. From the Daily Mail on the Right, to the Guardian on the left, and the BBC somewhere in the middle, every outlet puts their own spin on the news.

Why is this important? Because 1) the media tries to disguise opinion as fact and 2) they distract you from one story by getting you to read another.

Here at The Reflective we’re showing you the news in a different and more transparent way. What do you think of The Independent, Sky News, Unity News or The Canary? Vote in our polls to let us know.

Here’s what our readers think of the Daily Mail and the BBC:

So when we bring you the latest news, the spin is labelled based on the results of the poll. For example:

It’s that simple really. Help us build our presence by liking and sharing our Facebook page¬†and website¬†

We also run political opinion polls, so visit the website now to have your opinion on whether we should scrap Trident!

Our thanks to Unity News for helping spread the word, and to you for reading.


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