Taxes or Social contributions – By Lizzie Fletcher


Let's change the wording here ? How many people would be proud to say "I avoided paying my social contribution"
A simple and effective way to change peoples perspective ? Don't you think ?

Below are some stories from people who would have had and now have , quite different lives .

Before I went blind and I think I was 42 years old when it happened , I had worked really hard in a variety of different occupations and I must've paid thousands of pounds in taxes and incessant social security payments (Social Contributions) in those days .
When I was younger I believed in the principles of the welfare state , that if you put in , in later life if you fell on hard times or you became disabled like I am now you could then draw out and you could live on meagre benefits but instead this is not the case !
You get cracked on all the time and despite the amount of money you put into the system you get hounded and pursued now if you're on benefits .
It is utterly disgusting this system

My husband and myself paid thousands of pounds in taxes (Social Contributions) and when my husband became ill and then disabled we were treated like scroungers'. Sorry state of affairs.

After my stroke I was treated like a pariah .

We are easy prey. I think I am lucky in that, yes on benefits but I'm not hounded. I am ex Army and have PTSD from service in N Ireland. What makes me angry is folk look at me and because I have no physical injury they think I am swinging the lead.

I lost my left arm in a working accident age 49 after paying into the system (Social Contributions) for 33 years. Guess what? I've now been declared fit for work, with 1 arm.

I have 4 complex disabilities, one of which is a pervasive developmental disorder, one which leaves me in permanent severe pain, one which limits the way I can communicate with people except by writing. Unsuprisingly the fourth is anxiety and depression. I got unemployment money when all this happened. 6 years later I got myself back to work. The firm folded 2 weeks short of me qualifying for money again. My DLA (Social Contribution) is my only income – I am cared for by family xxxx Thank god for the NHS!

I lost my hearing in my right ear, developed menieres disease. Im just left with regret and constant judgement. Ive been made homeless once this year because of this now again im facing it all again. 4 young Children need me but i doubt i can give them anything but my love.

We live in an unequal society. Even millions of those who are victims of the system are not helping themselves and the rest of the victims, because instead of voting against the capitalist system they either stay from voting or, vote for the rotten system due to indoctrination and capacity to self harm, by believing the rotten Tory and establishment propaganda. Shame.

Social Contributions : Let's hold this government to account for the genocide they're perpetrating on our families and friends .



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