Stories Behind Anonymous Million Masks March Nov 5th


Stories behind Anonymous Million Masks March Nov 5th…/million-mask-march-london

I am the Jedi Knight

As a member of Anonymous at the million masks March
I shall be there on November the fifth collecting donations for the homeless .
I don’t go on the march though , my team and I go helping homeless people all night .

Times are hard and even with two incomes in a single household it an be a struggle. So how do you imagine life to be for those who felt that pinch in previous decades but continued to work hard and now wonder where the next meal will come from?
We are now in the age of super-technology and it is not an easy thought that humans have become considered to be less economical than in previous eras. Times when our daily efforts produced more than machines could. Now it’s the other way around. The world is changing and we must all take note that people do now require help from each other. Mistakes and bad lifestyle choices no longer have precedence as reasons for homelessness, it can now happen to anybody!! It’s time to look to our local areas and begin building systems of support and connection.
Along with many other regional outreach groups we have made it our mission to expose the extent of the issues involved as well as being pro-active in our communities. We aim to provide as much assistance as possible to the most overlooked sectors of society.

Jedi Knight


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