A normal Friday in early September, kids have gone back to school, so the school run is back on. As a shared parenting father it is my weekend to have fun with the little one. Imagine my surprise as I turn the corner onto my local High Street to almost literally bump into the man who is systematically attempting to subvert the democratic will of Labour members with his ridiculous "bid" to be Labour leader, Smiffy.

Shocked at first, I swiftly turn and shout a cheery hello. Smiffy, probably shocked to be recognised, never mind being greeted, apparently, in a friendly manner, turns as though to shake hands. I quickly disavow him of his latest miscalculation by telling him that he 'should not be doing this, Owen. You should be supporting your elected leader.' Unwilling to engage with an actual Labour member who is unimpressed with his and the rest of the Chicken Coup plotters, his face drops and he turns and walks away.

Determined, in this chance encounter, to make the point that I, and many of you in the Unity family want him to know, I ask of him, 'Why the bid, Owen, is it big money or a big ego?'

Unsurprisingly he left with out replying. I was left with the clear idea that Smiffy is unwilling to connect with 'real' people. That the disconnect between the Westminster 'elite' and the electorate would only continue with him at the helm of the Labour Party. Completely unlike Jeremy Corbyn, who would have answered the question and probably invited me to the pub for a quick pint to discuss the issue further.

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