Remember the 5th of November


Remember the 5th of November

The triple protest on November 5th to save our libraries and museums , get the Tories out and the Million Mask March have many similarities to the poll tax riots .
The protests started in 1989 and by the March of 1990 people were protesting outsi
de council buildings where taxes were being set with the big anti poll tax protest taking place in trafalgar square on 31st March 1990 .

People had had enough of thatchers nasty Tory government by then .

We have another nasty Tory government now and we have had enough !

Let's make November the fifth 2016 the day we tell the world we will not put up with any of it any more !

Anthony Douglas
Bob Vee

National Libraries, Museums & Galleries Demonstration

Get The Tories Out Now

Million Mask March London


Join us! .. In Unity We Find Strength


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