NHS England’s idea of a public consultation… By Melissa Darcey (NHS Editor)


Campaigners are getting tired are being fed the same lies by health bosses in England when questioned about what they plan to do with our NHS.

Glenfield Heart Centre is under threat of closure and these campaigners were simply trying to get some straight answers as to why NHS England had manipulated statistics and lied on documents presented to County council.

These campaigners were not out to cause any trouble they were simply concerned mums and dads wanting to know where their poorly children were going to receive their live saving treatment if their “World Class” hospital is closed in Leicester.

Campaigners are often portrayed as “hostile” and “aggressive” which is completely incorrect when it comes to NHS campaigners in particular – one thing we are is PASSIONATE and we CARE about what happens to OUR NHS.
We are fighting for our lives…our children’s lives…..our future.

Join your local and national campaign to save your NHS – It’s #OurNHS – We must have the faith to fight for it!

Save Glenfield Heart Centre: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/…

Fighting 4 Life Lincolnshire: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696693563977788/

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