Monopoly : By Kevin Hoad



Imagine playing Monopoly but you don't start at the beginning of the game, no you start when all the properties are gone, you have 1500 quid and you get paid 200 quid when you pass go, if you are lucky. What chance have you got to maintain more than 5 or 6 rounds before those who have the control of the game bankrupt you. You are now only allowed to go round by the good will of those who have control. I know this is a bit simplistic but it is in fact exactly what is happening to our young people right now. They have pretty much zero chances to get ahead; they pay their own tuition fees, or are forced to get loans and big debt .
Those who choose to work straight from school are not a lot better off, working long hours for little more than the average parking machine makes; they are screwed from birth unless they are born into real money. Then they are told they are worth less, well screw them, JC is the only one who is going to level it out a little bit and give our youngsters a chance, I just hope I see it in my life time…… The moral is those who have control have to have integrity and can be trusted to do the right thing, or have to be controlled by other means…Otherwise you get what you have now…. The board is being controlled by a bunch who have zero integrity or empathy for anyone but themselves. If we do nothing else, we must put a stop to this Governments twisted vile ideology.

I wonder how the Cons would fare if they were to suddenly wake up tomorrow with zero money, zero assets, just the clothes they had on. I wonder how long they would last trying to get a stake to go round the board of life, job center first, zero hour contracts, food banks, forced to work for free on job fair etc. I wonder how long it would be before they stole to eat. I bet their life expectancy would come down 30 years or more, not to mention the misery they would suffer and the degrading effects they would also feel. That is exactly what they are forcing on all but the very rich right now . No one can possibly join a game like this unless they have a real chance to get a stake which is why we need JC to level things up so at least our young have a chance…

In short this government is creating a future for the rich, property owning, elderly, that enslave the young in debt. Then they have the cheek to call them worthless, lazy or worse. Low wages, student debt, massive rent, despair, huge utility bills, zero savings, zero hope. Our young today are paying the price for this governments failures and our "poor" old and disabled are being murdered on a massive scale while they hide behind fixed figures dodgy deals with their rich mates aided and abetted by a scummy Tory media..

I know a man who gets up 2 in the morning, walks to work to start at 3 in the morning, cleans our streets and walks home at 3 in the afternoon. He does this for little more than min wage and has never had as much as a thank you from the council bosses, (RECENTLY PRIVATISED) …The only thanks he gets is from us who see him (others like him) working in all weathers. Now how is that for something for nothing….What chance has this guy and many like him got of joining a monopoly board when just about everything there is to buy has gone.

Furthermore he does this when his boss , who probably gets an obscene wage , goes round in a car and does nothing more than check to see if he (they) are as much as having a coffee. Then proceeds to dish out warnings if something is not correct. I remember some 6 or 7 years ago , one morning I was walking to work and it was a cold windy morning about 7 ish and there was this poor guy sweeping leaves and as fast as he was sweeping the wind would blow half of them away, I remember it and recall it and I felt for this guy so I said to him joking why the hell don't you just go have a coffee mate the conditions are against you. I remember his reply as well , "ahh' he said, 'I will get the buggers" since that day I have seen this guy and observed him and this guy really does work , in fact in my area they all do.

I took the trouble to write to my council and told them what a wonderful job this guy is doing and said how hard I had observed this guy working etc etc.
Well some time after I had written the letter I mentioned it to the man (I am not mentioning the guys name for I would not embarrass the guy and I would never do that without getting his permission first but this is a true story). The letter I wrote was never mentioned to him or to any of the other guys he works with. He did add however that had I made a complaint he would have known about it.

In an unrelated incident I did some work for his boss, at the time I did not realise who he was, but we were chatting away and we got to talking about the state of the area around McDonalds and I just happened to mention how hard this guy worked. His wife then chirped up and said how many others had said the same thing and explained that this man I was doing the job for was in fact his boss .

In short if anyone should get an honour it's this guy and he is not alone.
Not that May would even give this guy a second glance let alone thank the guy with a thoroughly earned honour.

Kevin Hoad



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