Learn by rote: Tories tell lies


More Tory lies.

When it’s something you know about, you can see straight through the lie. While answering a question the schools minister told blatant lies about the amount of rote learning now required by GCSE students. He tried to claim they had very little to learn by rote. I know from personal experience that since Gove’s reforms came in, kids now need to cram pages and pages of facts and formulas that a few years ago they were provided with in exams.

Here is an example, from a parent, copied from a teaching forum to give you an idea:

“Nick Gibb certainly does not have the faintest idea what he has administered in the GCSEs in any of the core subjects. My daughter is having to learn up to 15 poems off by heart, multiple sets of quotes from three texts, in science she needs to learn up to 25 different formulas and only given 7 in the exams itself, there are a similar number to learn for maths GCSE. He is completely clueless. It seems that Nick Gibb is as deluded as Michael Gove who changed the whole GCSE focus.”

If any of you have children or grandchildren doing GCSEs you will know what a nightmare it is for them. It’s almost as if they want to turn kids off from wanting to continue their education.

David Marrs



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