I see the Nazi b*stard who murdered Jo Cox has got his gruel today – By Del Chakravarti


(Warning Strong Language)

I see the Nazi bastard who murdered Jo Cox has got his gruel today. Funny how the press are reporting his flat being found full of Nazi literature, he has Nazi regalia everywhere, but they don't call him a Nazi, which is what he is.

They refer to his occupation, which was "gardener". Not relevant, Goebbels was a failed writer, Hitler a crap painter. What's relevant about all of them is…they're all NAZIS.

He's not some freak of nature, not some sad loner who finally snapped- he's a Nazi, not "alt-right", not a "patriot", he's a NAZI. And that's what they do, they kill those they don't like, they commit violent atrocities; hell, if you let them, they'll commit full-on genocide.

The point being, he is NOT an isolated case. There's plenty out there who'd do what he did many times over, if they thought they could get away with it.

And the forces that motivate them- the bigotry, the racism, the sense of their own inadequacy- for too long, those forces have been played with by right-wing politicians and media barons, for their own ends.

That Nazi bastard may have stood alone in the dock today, but I can see the shadowy outlines of the figures who should have been standing beside him, the people who've unleashed those forces for their own ends, and for money.

Golding and Fransen, Farage and Johnson. Harmsworth, Dacre, Desmond and Murdoch. They all stood behind that Nazi scum as he pulled the trigger, as he drove his dagger into the body of a defenceless woman. They all stood behind him, telling him it was alright.

And they're still riding that particular tiger for all it's worth.
So, one Nazi gets his just desserts today, but I feel no relief, no sense of closure or of justice being served.

Del Chakravarti


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