Corbyn Plays A Blinder! (Opinion) By Simon Wellavize


So finally after months of wrangling and denials of parliamentary sovereignty from Mayhem, the Tories have fallen and given in to Jeremy Corbyn's demand for MP's to have the final say on Brexit and the deal May is able to get from Brussels.

This completely vindicates the leadership strategy of last week in backing Article 50 and then tabling amendments to make approval of the deal the say of parliament not a Tory stitch up.

So where do we stand now. Mayhem has to go to the EU knowing that a strong deal is unlikely and that a weak deal will bring down her government in 2019. Because failure of the HoC to back the deal will result in a GE and the new government thus formed will have to start negotiations again.

Here at last for Remainers is the key to pulling us back from the Brexit brink. Campaign against whatever deal Mayhem brings back. Vote down the deal in parliament and then Labour campaigns on a clear stay in EU platform. A newly mandated government whether majoritarian or coalition can then ask to withdraw from "divorce" talks and we can Remain in EU.

So despite all the hard right of Labour and Blair disciples whinging and spitefulness, it is clear that not only can Corbyn lead, he can strategise with the best of them. His and those shadow cabinet colleagues able to understand parliament and the strategies required to win are vindicated and we can march on sure that more victories are ahead.

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