CANZUK Free Trade Agreement / Freedom of Movement within the Commonwealth. By Rowan Clarke


One of the alternative visions to the European Union and the single market which has been brought up by the Brexit camp is a potential Free Trade Agreement network with the Commonwealth of Nations or with certain nations in the Commonwealth .

Currently there are four nations in the commonwealth which have come forward suggesting a trade deal with the UK they are; Australia, Ghana, India and New Zealand

There is also a suggestion of developing a freedom of movement area within the Commonwealth of nations as well , this is usually argued to include the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only and exclude others nations in the Commonwealth like South Africa , India, the Caribbean Island nations like Jamaica or the Bahamas.

The Idea of a free trade organisation existing within the Commonwealth of Nations is not one without merit but it shouldn’t be solely dedicated to uniting the four nations which happen to have the largest share of people who are Caucasian.

If the UK were to become part of a free trade agreement organisation in the Commonwealth of Nations, which also included an area of free movement, then in my opinion it’s membership should include more nations than just the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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