Britain’s Tory Government Terrify people every day


Every day , people are living in sheer terror ,  because of this government .

Whether they starve , are made homeless , or continue for another 6 months just about holding their heads above water , completely depend on the contents of the letter .

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the decision , it is an absolute lottery , imagine living on the edge of a cliff peering over the edge waiting for the shove to come .

Valen Cook filmed himself opening a brown envelope from the Dept of work and pensions . The envelope contained the result of his ‘work capability’ interview . The look on his face tells you what state he is in . It is completely horrifying , knowing that today could be the day you start living on the streets .

Travel with him as he opens the envelope and journeys through the tumult of emotions the contents bring and know this , if you fall ill , this WILL be you …….


We at Unity News would like to say how much respect we have for Mr Cook’s bravery . Everybody needs to see this video , those who have been through and are going through it will know how it feels . Those of you who have not been ill in recent years will be shocked and maybe you will stand up and say NO MORE !



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