Are the Tories enacting a state of fascism? – By Ed Clarke


Are the Tories enacting a state of fascism?

A vote was held in Parliament tonight (19/10/16), on whether to recognise the rights of EU nationals under U.K. Law. This was a very important vote as it enshrines the rights of 3.3 million people, men, women and children in U.K. Law, the same rights afforded to anyone who is deemed British under U.K. Law.

The result of the vote was “NO”.

Rights of EU Nationals protected under U.K. Law.

Division 69
19 October 2016

The House divided:

Ayes: 250
Noes: 293

Tonight 293 MP’s decided to vote against recognising the rights of 3.3 million people living and working in this country. 3.3 million people who have been contributing to this countries economy.

Does this signal an advance to acceptable fascism?

Whereby because the rights, of a body of people have been refused recognition by the house of elected representatives. Does this then signal to the wider populace that it is acceptable to categorise a group of people as being without rights purely based on their nationality?

I personally believe if we are to look at history, that categorising people as without rights based on their nationality, is very dangerous territory to be moving into. We only have to look to periods in history to see how this ends, the current incarceration of the citizens of Palestine in the Gaza Strip, the treatment of black South Africans during the apartheid movement, the civil rights movement in 1960s USA or the treatment of the Jewish population during 1930/40s Germany.

Has Brexit opened an ugly side of fascist opinion, that was defeated 80 years ago on Cable Street?

But has the fascist opinion been enabled by the very lawmakers that are supposed to prevent this vile ideology from being allowed to exist?

It is no secret that the Tories have always dabbled with racism, I've outlined this previously in this article from back in May this year. The link to that article is below.

But it looks as if we are now moving into realms where fascism is simply deemed acceptable, by the mere fact 293 Tories voted to deny that rights of EU nationals be enshrined in U.K. Law.

All of this coming so soon after the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, wanted employers in the U.K. to draw up lists of foreign nationals that they employ. The parallels that Tory ideology is drawing with Third Reich Germany, is deeply troubling. The fascist flag that was torn from its mast so many years ago, now seems as if it is being raised to the top of the flag pole once more.

Why is it once more acceptable to segregate millions of people purely based on nationality?

But out of the recorded votes for the “AYES” one thing is notable. Only 185 Labour MPs voted, that means 47 abstained from the vote. Those 47 Labour MPs have a very serious question to answer.

And that is are they against the rise in fascism post Brexit or pro rise of fascism?

Those 47 Labour MPs had they voted for the motion, which I sincerely hope they would have done would have tipped the balance of the vote to “AYES” 297 against “NOES” 293.

Of course this motion will have to go for a second reading and amendments will have to be made, but just on tonight's outcome, it really is a damning indictment that all bar two Tories that voted in favour of the motion believe that we should remove the rights of 3.3million people. Are the Tories really UKIP in disguise?

What would the veterans of Cable Street say?

What would our grandfathers’ who fought against Adolf Hitler's fascist Nazi party say?

What do you say?

I personally believe once a government moves along the line of fascist law making, segregating entire groups of people based on nationality. How long is it before they move onto different groups of people, based on their skin colour, their creed, their sexuality, their economic class?

What does this mean in the long run?

Well historical events have already shown us where this leads in the long run, I just really hope that we are not witnessing fascism raising its ugly flag once more.

No pasaran!

Here is the link to the recorded vote for the motion to protect EU nationals under U.K. Law.…/897C9D…/RightsOfEUNationals…


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