An Insult to far!


This new trend of comparing Momentum's new childcare facility to the Hitler Youth is frankly disgusting. The fact that a lot of it is coming from the Anyone But Corbyn side of Labour is even worse.
Hitler Youth brutalised little boys with daily beatings, setting them on their classmates, even throwing them into rivers to teach them to swim. If they didn't learn, they drowned.
Girls were taught to be housewives and were taught under similar beatings to take orders without question until they were of a breeding age when the doors of their campus were left unlocked and males crept in at night and raped them. If they fell pregnant they were sent to convents where they gave birth in secret to a "child for the F├╝hrer".

The intake age of Hitler Youth was 10 and compulsory after '36 for all who were considered "pure".

I can not believe that right wing Labour members are happy comparing their left wing counterparts to these atrocities.


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