The root of Evil: a history of the Anglo-American Elite’s support for Nazism in Germany and Ukraine


Ukrainian Fascists enjoy cross-party support in the UK

Sir Keir Starmer MP, tweeting a slogan used by Nazi supporting murderers of Jews in the 1940s.

We live in frightening times. The war in Ukraine is the latest play in a strategy for the permanent control of the world’s resources by the Fascist, obsessively expansionist Anglo American Empire, in whose imperial history lies the origins of the Neo-Nazism now driving the war in Ukraine.

In their support for Ukraine’s far right-infested Zelenksy regime, the British political and media class is endorsing neo-Nazism and taking us to the brink of a world-ending nuclear war with Russia. Last week, Labour Party Leader Sir Starmer tweeted “Slava Ukraini,” captioning a video in which he declared his “support” for the “conflict” between Ukraine and Russia.

The phrase “Slava Ukraini” was a slogan used by Nazi supporting murderers of Jews in the 1940s. Banderite nationalists – supporters of Ukrainian nationalist leader, Nazi collaborator and later CIA asset, Stepan Bandera, such as the now well-known Azov Battalion, who were featured on BBC News  – have been the most organised and most aggressive battalions in the Ukraine army.  During WW2, Bandera’s supporters in the OUN & UPA “slaughtered the Jews” and made it their mission to “slaughter the poles, old & young, every one”.

Starmer is a well-known establishment stooge. More troublingly, support for escalating the war in Ukraine has been pledged by “progressive” socialist Labour MPs, several of whom have signed a statement by the Paul-Mason-supported Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, which advocates:

“for the gifting to Ukraine of all the surplus UK military equipment due to be replaced, especially the 79 Challenger tanks, 170 Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles, all Warrior infantry fighting vehicles, Typhoon fighter aircraft – to help Ukraine win”.

Providing such weaponry, most notably aircraft, would mark a major escalation in Britain’s commitment of resources to the conflict.

So how did we get to this point of unabashed militarism from all sides of the political spectrum, which risks driving us into the abyss of nuclear war on the side of Nazis? The truth is, we’ve been teetering on the edge of this potential oblivion for a long time.

The roots of evil

The roots of the British political and media class’s support for the European white supremacist far right are strong and deep. They extend at least to the late 19th Century and the documented conspiracy by members of the ruling class to secure global domination by an Anglo-Saxon Master Race, forever.   

Cecil Rhodes, diamond magnate and genocidal founder of the British Colony Rhodesia, circa 1900.

In 1877, Cecil Rhodes, the diamond magnate and genocidal founder of the British Colony Rhodesia wrote his confession of faith, in which he outlined his desire for:

 “a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire & the bringing of the whole […] world under British rule for the recovery of the United States […] making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.”

Rhodes’s imagined secret society became a reality. In his book, the Anglo-American Establishment, Professor Carroll Quigley identifies this secret society as having existed in the form of what he calls the Milner Group. According to Quigley, in the Preface to the 1981 edition of his book,

“Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. And what does not seem to be known to anyone is that this secret society was created by Rhodes and his principal trustee, Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day”.

Quigley also claims that the Milner Group:

“was the chief influence in Lloyd George’s war administration in 1917-1919 and dominated the British delegation to the Peace Conference of 1919; it had a great deal to do with the formation and management of the League of Nations and of the system of mandates; it founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1919 and still controls it; it was one of the chief influences on British policy toward Ireland, Palestine, and India in the period 1917-1945; it was a very important influence on the policy of appeasement of Germany during the years 1920-1940; and it controlled and still controls, to a very considerable extent, the sources and the writing of the history of British Imperial and foreign policy since the Boer War.”

Members of the groups “society elect” included: Cecil John Rhodes, Nathan Rothschild, Alfred Milner, Arthur James Balfour, Jan C. Smuts, Waldorf Astor, and Nancy Astor . Some of these individuals are known to have been Nazi sympathisers and the group was also linked to the Nazi-eugenics-financing Rockefeller family through their contributions to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, more commonly known today as Chatham House; the Rockefellers would later help to found the Trilateral Commission, of which Jeffery Epstein was a member and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer still is.    

The Astors, were, in particular, infamous Nazi sympathisers, having hosted Nazis at their Clivedon residence, as well as Allan Dulles, another Nazi sympathiser who would later go on to become Director of the CIA. Equally interesting is the Astors’s connection to William Averell Harriman – a friend of Winston Churchill and key architect of the Marshall Plan – through their cousin, Victor Astor, who was Harriman’s business partner. Vincent Astor owned the largest steel company in Germany & helped finance Hitler.

The Milner Group’s influence therefore extended to the very top of the British Government and into the United States’s political and economic elites. Even Churchill, who was not a member of the Milner Group and was, by contrast, concerned about the impact of a Nazi dominated Europe, shared their racist views about the special destiny of the “English Speaking Peoples”. Churchill’s concerns about Nazism were probably less influenced by the Nazis’ genocidal policies – he was after all an enthusiastic advocate for the British Empire, on which Hitler’s Third Reich was modelled – than the danger to Anglo-Saxon imperial power represented by a Europe united under Nazi occupation.  

Churchill’s New World Order: a special place for Nazis

The flag of the Western European Union Alliance (EUA), spearheaded by Britain and confirmed with the Treaty of Brussels, which, in time, led to the creation of NATO and the EU

Churchill’s view that Hitler’s Germany threatened the Anglo-Saxon dominated world order was more prescient than the pro-Nazi sympathies displayed by other members of the ruling elite. But he was not so concerned about the role that could be played by a Nazi Germany administrated in the service of Anglo Saxon Power and the British Empire’s longstanding goal of dismantling the Soviet Union in order to reopen its resources for exploitation. To this end, he proposed Operation Unthinkable in 1945: a plan to use German forces to aid the western allies in an invasion of the Soviet Union, which ultimately proved impractical.

Churchill’s desire to destroy the Soviet Union long predated his fears over Nazism and he had been urging “full-blooded intervention” by the West on the side of the proto fascist White Russian armies, who had sought to overturn the October 1917 revolution in the Russian Civil War.

This long-standing ambition, alongside his persisting white supremacy, continued to influence Churchill’s approach to foreign policy once the Second World War was over. His Fulton Address, popularly known as the “Iron Curtain Speech”, which set the terms of the cold war before the Truman Doctrine officially launched it, drew upon his Anglo-supremacist world view heavily, albeit in a thinly veiled fashion. In this speech, Churchill referred to the special role of the English-Speaking Peoples in world history and for the United States to meet this destiny by intervening in Europe to face down Soviet power:

“The United States stands at this time at the pinnacle of world power. It is a solemn moment for the American Democracy. For with primacy in power is also joined an awe-inspiring accountability to the future. If you look around you, you must feel not only the sense of duty done but also you must feel anxiety lest you fall below the level of achievement. Opportunity is here now, clear and shining for both our countries. To reject it or ignore it or fritter it away will bring upon us all the long reproaches of the after-time. It is necessary that constancy of mind, persistency of purpose, and the grand simplicity of decision shall guide and rule the conduct of the English-speaking peoples in peace as they did in war. We must, and I believe we shall, prove ourselves equal to this severe requirement.”

The following year, President Truman announced that the United States would be intervening in Turkey and Greece to combat the threat of Communism as a consequence of Britain’s inability to prop up the existing Government. Churchill’s wartime intrigues in Greece, and the subsequent launch of the Truman Doctrine, precipitated the civil war in Greece and led to the US supporting a fascist military Junta Government in the country for several decades.    

Alongside Harriman’s Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine was underpinned by the activities of Allan Dulles’s CIA, which, initially born from lobbying efforts of and networks established by Churchill’s friend William Stephenson, gained a massive influence over post war European Governments.  

Most notably, the CIA directly hired the former head of Nazi military intelligence, Reinhart Gehlen, to run the West German security services. His “Gehlen Organisation”, which was later renamed as the BND, amassed considerable power. Gehlen, who never abandoned his antisemitic world view even hired former SS officers to senior positions within the organisation, which worked to undermine attempts to build stronger economic ties between West Germany and the Soviet Union. Perhaps most significantly, this resulted in Gehlen’s deposition of Social Democrat Party Chancellor Willy Brandt. It was also Gehlen’s organisation that recruited Stepan Bandera after the defeat of Nazi Germany and his own Ukrainian nationalist supporters at the end of World War 2; West Germany was never fully de-Nazified.

To be continued: the forever war against Russia

The Nazi plan for the invasion of Ukraine, which took place in 1941 and led to the murder of 27 million Soviet citizens

As the real causes of the war in Ukraine illustrate, western intelligence’s support for fascism has never dissipated. According to Robert Parry – the founder of Consortium News and the man who broke the Iran-Contra Scandal – it was US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who “engineered Ukraine’s ‘regime change’ ” to “poke Putin in the eye by encouraging violent protests to overthrow Russia-friendly President Yanukovych and put in place a new regime hostile to Moscow”.

Furthermore, Parry argues,

“What the coup also did was revive long pent-up antagonisms between the ethnic Ukrainians in the west, including elements that had supported Adolf Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War Two, and ethnic Russians in the south and east who feared the anti-Russian sentiments emanating from Kiev.”

In the past, it was Churchill and his Anglo-American allies who helped to orchestrate international support for the proto-Fascist counter-revolutionaries in the Russian Civil War; it was Churchill and his Anglo-American allies who aimed to use Nazis to re-invade the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War; and it was Churchill and his Anglo-American allies who employed Nazis to wage the Cold War in Europe on their behalf.

Now, the Anglo-American Empire is once again allying itself with Nazism to destabilise Russia and claim the resources of its peoples. In truth, it would be more accurate to say that it never stopped.


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