Help Rescue Anas

Anas has been missing for days

It has now been more than three days since Anas was abducted by the Israeli occupation army. We still have received little information about his whereabouts or the reason behind his arrest. We do know that, in the upcoming week, Anas will most likely appear before an Israeli military court. He will either face charges, or like thousands of other Palestinian political detainees in recent weeks, he could face indefinite detention without charge or trial under Israel’s cruel and inhumane policy of administrative detention. 

As Anas’ friends, colleagues and family, we have been overwhelmed by messages of support. Thank you for your words of encouragement and comfort. Many of you have also reached out to ask what you can do to support Anas and speed up his release. As friends and colleagues of Anas and the Aida Youth Center, this is what you can do to help:

Share the posts from the Aida Youth Center Instagram and Facebook accounts to raise awareness.

Speak about Anas’ work as a social leader and our demand for his release on your social media platforms. Use the hashtag #FreeAnasAbuSrour for your posts and stories. 

Sign this letter demanding Anas’ release and circulate it within your network. It would be very helpful if other community and civil society organizations sign the letter.

Anas tour guide

Organize a protest or vigil for Anas and the other Palestinian prisoners, and share photos and videos with us and on social media.

We hope that our collective action will speed up Anas’ release. From freed prisoners’ testimonies we know that conditions in the occupation prisons are extremely harsh. Prisoners have been beaten, humiliated, are not given enough water and food, and have to sleep on cold floors without proper clothes or blankets. No one, and especially not innocent men, women, and children, should be kept in these conditions. 

Thank you for your continued support. In solidarity,  Aida Youth Center

Anas showing people round the camp


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